Last week Rezz teased her new track across her social media and it’s officially out! “Sacrificial” is their first collaboration, though Rezz has been a fan of PVRIS‘ music for a while. In a press release Rezz said, “When PVRIS sent over the vocal I immediately had an idea for the song. I love her music, so I’m really glad we were able to make it happen.” PVRIS says that the inspiration for the song is “risking it all for love even if the world around you is telling you it’s not right.”

PVRIS‘ soft, ghostly vocals are a perfect pair for Rezz‘ signature midtempo style. Though the wonky bass in the song has that signature Rezz flare, this track feels softer than her normal hard hitting tone. This more gentle touch creates an eerie but beautiful foil to PVRIS‘ emotional lyrics and vocals.

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Posted by:krystazelaya

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