After over a year long wait, Mau5trap came out swinging (as always) for 2021 with the much anticipated We Are Friends Vol. 10. And what a compilation this is! For those unfamiliar, every year or so, Mau5trap releases a compilation featuring both new and familiar faces from within the label that the Mau5 himself built. After Vol. 9 gave us a jam packed compilation, we couldn’t wait to see how the label would follow it up. Sure enough, Vol. 10 delivers, and in hard hitting fashion. Let’s dive into the meat and bones, shall we?

The man himself (deadmau5) kicks off Vol. 10 with one of my personal favorite bangers of his. Except this time it’s an updated version in the form of “Arguru 2k19”. This track has always been underrated in my opinion, especially with how it’s beautiful progressive melodies really shine. As for the updated version, it sounds just as elegant as its predecessor, albeit a bit Trance-y at certain parts. This is a welcome addition since it adds some unique flavor to the track, what with it being more synth heavy. “Arguru 2k19” is the perfect way to open up an epic compilation such as this.

ATTLAS and Coleen D’agostino keep things flowing well with the beautifully heartfelt “Feels Like”. It’s a very personal track that has a deep level of emotion to it, but is also very relatable lyrics wise. This one is quickly growing on me for sure. Changing things up a bit, we have BlackGummy and .ATM with “Trouble in Paradise”. With the two previous tracks being light, this one switches up and plunges you into complete darkness. The ominous Electro vibes are great for those deep late night club hours, and are sure to get your blood pumping. One of my personal favorites on this list {EDDIE} contributes to the compilation with the hilariously titled, “Boondoggle”. It keeps up that dark mood set with “Trouble in Paradise”, and presents us with interesting sounds in that deep dark EDDIE fashion. Eekkoo comes out to play with “Mando”. It’s a Deep dark House/Electro track that has some interesting vocals peppered throughout. Fehrplay brings that oh so sweet Progressive House/Electro style we know and love with “Wildcard”.

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“Fly on the Wall” by Grabbitz starts off with some heavy Cyberpunk vibes, before becoming a vocal story that has some great depth to it. Matt Lange’s “Morbidly Obese – Redacted Mix” makes for some great Progressive Dark Electro. Matt’s surely tapped into his darker side with this one, which I’ve noticed has been a recurring theme amongst the Mau5trap artists this year. This is literal music to my ears, since I crave darker styles such as these. Moguai spices things up with the weird yet upbeat “FLASH”, while Mord Fustang lightens the mood with the addictingly superb “Better With Friends”. It’s got some great vibes to it and has been on repeat often. Mr. Bill and M4NDY deliver the almost Dubstep driven yet Electronic heavy “Ride or Die”. It’s definitely something different than what I’m used to hearing from Mr. Bill, but it’s got some hard spunk to it that’s very much appreciated. Yet another one of my favorite artists from Mau5trap, No Mana shows off his “Illegal Screenshots”. This track is full of Electro goodness, which is nothing short of what I’d expect from this insanely talented artist.

Artists like Notaker, Pig&Dan and Rinzen all take us on different journeys with the deeply satisfying stories their tracks tell. But one track I found myself coming back to was Tommy Trash’s “BE”. The melody itself just grabs hold of you and doesn’t let go. The oddball of the compilation has to be Wolfgang Gartner’s “Cosa Nostra”. It starts off as if it’s going to be an all out Trap song, then takes a turn for that classic Wolfgang Electro House style. Sadly I wasn’t much of a fan as I thought I’d be, especially considering I love a lot of Wolfgang Gartner’s work. But to each their own on this one. Last but ultimately and most certainly not least, Zonderling closes out this excellent compilation with the lovely “Spannend”. It’s got great vibes if you love to shuffle, and builds upon itself in great fashion. It’s as if it’s an ever-evolving banger!


With a massive list of talent, Mau5trap excels at giving us some of the best artists in the industry – be it fresh or familiar. We can only imagine what the next ten years brings for the label that deadmau5 built, but we’re confident this label will remain at the forefront of industry labels that continue to deliver quality content. Thanks for ten great compilations Mau5trap! Here’s to ten more!

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