Thousands of feet below sea level lies the insane big brain of Guppi, a creative producer who is redefining what Bass music is and what it’s becoming. Releasing his debut EP on Subtronics‘ imprint, Cyclops Recordings, it contains 4 off-the-wall tracks that truly fit the message of the label. “ be a platform for the most cutting-edge sounds we find across the globe and beyond.

from GUPPI

Guppi recently released a remix of top song ‘Want It’-Kumarion, but little did we know, it was the perfect warmup leading up to this epic EP. The Chicago producer has been BOOMING throughout the underground for his innovative sounds, creativity, and hilarious persona online. Cyclops Army leader Subtronics had this to say about the ‘Ocean Floor‘ EP:

“This EP to me is the punk rebellion of bass music. A middle finger to anyone that tries to put rules on artwork and tries to confine bass music to a specific box. One of the weirdest, most forward-thinking, intentionally broken-yet-undeniably-genius things I’ve heard in a long time.”

Tracks like ‘Hereafter’ and ‘Modern Talking’ showcase the talent and brain power this producer has been holding onto. The colorful sounds and wonky syncopations throughout truly make me rethink music and how it can be expressed in SO MANY WAYS but at the same time, makes me lose my mind because it hits SO HARD. “Trapped” gives a bit of a darker melodic vibe but packs a punch with its grungy hard hits. “Forbidden Sound” rounds out the EP with its wicked percussion and out-of-the-box energy.

“For my first EP, I wanted to put the sound I’ve been creating under a microscope. My goal was to have these songs be heavy while attempting to make the most true to myself sound I could.”


Put Guppi on your radar NOW and join us down in the basement! Dinner is SERVED!


SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Posted by:Victoria Garces

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