Epilogue – a final or concluding act or event.

This morning, the Daft Punk official pages posted a new video, titled solely “Epilogue.”

The video starts with everyone’s favorite robots walking out into the desert to silence, with only the wind blowing being audible. About 1:45 in they turn to face one another, as Thomas Bangalter’s Silver-domed bot was walking ahead of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christ Golden one. Thomas turns to face Guy-Manuel, they stare at one another for quite some time, locked in an embrace, as their music has been for years. Then Thomas unbuttons and throws off his coat and turns around. On his back is a set of buttons and a switch. The switch is hit by Guy-Manuel and a countdown begins. He slowly walks into the desert where he self destructs and a “Daft Punk 1993-2021” date is displayed on screen. Daft Punk music begins as the sun rises and the solo member now walks across the screen. 

Did Daft Punk just become a solo project or are they done for good?! Tell us your thoughts!!!

Posted by:Daniel Wolfrum

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