Born and raised in the heart of where dubstep originated, England, DirtySnatcha produces a variety of heavy original tracks ranging from dubstep, to trap, to riddim. His collaborations with artists such as Riot Ten, Rico Act, Lucii, Boogie T, Monxx, Squnto, and more have proven that he is able to produce a variety of music, and that he can appeal to bass heads from all ages and areas of the world. His latest track “Found Myself” is an introspective look at how love can help us find ourselves.

This track shows another side of DirtySnatcha’s producing ability. Typically he has created hard-hitting bass tracks. But the piano melody in the intro to “Found Myself” sets the tone for a somber and mellow mood. The laid back drums move the energy towards the future trap drop. The way Katie Sky’s soft voice pairs well with the subtle synths is a particular stand out for the track as well.

DirtySnatcha will be releasing a new EP soon, so keep an eye on his socials!

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Posted by:krystazelaya

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