T3TRA is a hidden gem that I am more than honored to share today. Her most recent release “Blue” is a euphoric melody of bliss about all the uplifting parts of being infatuated with someone. Perfectly alluring lyrics drive the vibe for this song all the way through, you can almost feel the breeze of the air flying past you as you’re cruising down the highway. The perfect repeat track whether you’re in a good mood, a bad mood, or you’re feeling blue. T3TRA‘s warm and light vocals sing you through while you dance along to the enticing production.

“Blue” is 26 year old Tess Dunn‘s first release following her debut album Polarity and I’m already ready for the next one! It’s nice to take a break from the heavy bass and wubs and enjoy the simpler side of electronic music every now and then, and T3TRA is just that. With the light electronic elements and fun poppy vocals, you can’t go wrong with any of her fun tunes.

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Posted by:Mangz

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