What are you passionate about?

When someone finds something that sparks a fire in them it’s hard not to notice. You’ve seen the type of person I’m speaking of, mention the thing they’re passionate about & now you’re trapped in an hour long conversation about whatever that may be. But what a surprise when ten minutes into that conversation you no longer feel trapped, in fwhoamiact you feel interested. That’s what happens when people speak about the things they’re passionate about, that passion is reflected in what they say and you cant help but absorb some of that energy yourself.

I found my passion in music & as it turns out I share that passion with billions. Music makes people feel something, music speaks for people when words fail them. I’ve spent a lot of time studying artists & their art. I’ve researched sound and what makes performances great. Overtime, the people around me have started placing value on my musical opinions and pressuring me to share my reviews & ideas about art & music with others. This is me sharing good music with you.

I’m so thankful to Stereo Live & the people that bring all of us these experiences, I attended my first ever DJ set/show at Stereo Live & now I’m blessed to call that place home.