UhaveNoIdea by Levitate Will Melt Your Mind (And Probably Your CPU)

This new original keeps in tradition with the Levitate sound. High ends linger on and fade without a trace, while the low end starts out deeper than what should be possible. Every snare and kick is stuck in a vicious loop, as if Levitate copied it onto an overly scratched CD, and reuploaded it.

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TYPE3 and Sebastian Knight Release a Hit on Botnek’s World Famous Headquarters

House music is to EDM as a prime rib is to a steakhouse. There are many cuts of steak to choose from but the most choice, well rounded cut is the prime rib. There are few ways that can go wrong in a prime rib, as is house music. Sebastian Knight and TYPE3’s newest track is a thick, juicy 12oz cut off of the most tender prime rib imaginable.

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