VOVIII gives us a SPOOKY experience on Friday “The 13th” EP

On Friday, October the 13th they present to us VOVIII’s “The 13th” EP. Pop your headphones in and get ready for some scary vibes. “The 13th” implements a plethora of scary movie tropes indicated by the track names: Slenderman, White Walkers, and Pennywise.

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Power. – Chromonicci

One word: Bounce. Chromonicci brings us an all around groovy track that beckons your soul to rock with it. With dark undertones and playful vocal cuts sprinkled over the track, you can’t help but bounce your shoulders side to side. The break down in the middle slows the party down, giving you a small breather…

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Fade – (Break X Madkosmos)

                        Here comes a mind-expanding track from Break & Madkosmos for the late night drives and smoke sessions. Atmospheric with brooding vocals throughout the track, you can’t help but get lost in thought and emotion. The repeating bass wubs are so powerful yet elegant in the way they drive…

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