SAYMYNAME ft Crichy Crich – SWERVE [ Track Review ]

The Godfather of hard trap SAYMYNAME and a TRILLVO favorite, Crichy Crich on the vocals, bring something to Spinnin Records that will have fans bouncing all over the dancefloor. The track starts with a hip-hop vibe & Crichy spitting “I’m draped from head to toe in the finest gold, I cant fuck with yall cause you bitchs broke!”  some G shit that’ll… Continue reading SAYMYNAME ft Crichy Crich – SWERVE [ Track Review ]


DrewFilament & KEV – Price Tag

“A Hard House banger from DrewFilament & KEV full of classic Hard House and Hardstyle kicks with heavy slamming drops and the beautiful sound of a Middle Eastern guitar riff. If you can somehow contain your inner rage to this track, close your eyes and let the track take you on a global journey.  Some moments I felt I was in… Continue reading DrewFilament & KEV – Price Tag


4B x Junkie Kid – Love Is Dead [Review]

The hard dance community is once again blessed with another banger brought to us by none other than 4B, the jersey bounce aficionado, and the pioneer of Hard House, Junkie Kid.  These two amazing artists are already insane alone but together, they bring something to Revealed Records that most fans will adore. You may have… Continue reading 4B x Junkie Kid – Love Is Dead [Review]

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Carnage & G-EAZY – Step Brothers EP [ review ]

I have been following DJ CARNAGE since I got into EDM.  Following him on all his social media accounts from Instagram to Snapchat, the relationship between Papi Gordo and G-EAZY is pure and genuine.  There has always been hints that Carnage and G were working on something big between each whether it be an EP… Continue reading Carnage & G-EAZY – Step Brothers EP [ review ]


DrewFilament – Berserk

Mr. Festival Trap himself aka DrewFilament, is back once again with another hard-hitting, heart pounding track released on Harsh Records! Berserk is filled with all kinds of goodies for my hard dance fanatics. Right off the bat the track starts with the iconic hard house kick and Filament wastes no time getting into the first drop! Kicking it… Continue reading DrewFilament – Berserk