TRILLVO Women’s Month | Olivia Van Rye

“There’s a lot of really beautiful moments that are hiding and i feel it’s important that they come to light. i have an obsession with collecting photos, videos, memories, moments. i want to create a feeling. i want that to set me apart. ” – Olivia Van Rye

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Rezz announces Mass Manipulation Comic Book & We are SO HYPED!

With the help of illustrator and animator Luis Colindres, rising dance music superstar REZZ has brought her extraterrestrial ‘Mass Manipulation’ album to life in the form of a 60-page comic book. The comic book is available for pre-order now, and is accompanied with the release of an animated music video for ‘Premonition,’ giving viewers a sneak peek of the comic book storyline.

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Harvey vs. Houston: Houston Hits Back

On August 25th at approximately 10 P.M. Friday night, Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas as a category 4 hurricane. From there, it began what would very well be a 5-day catastrophic event of ruthless wind, torrential rain, and flooding. With little time for residents of Southeast Texas to evacuate, the most anyone could do was stock up on supplies, and prepare for what truly was the worst storm the Texas coast has ever endured.

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