Who is GRAVEDGR and why is this random person’s first song a collab with Carnage?

We don’t often make articles about people that first pop up into the scene but this masked and unidentified person popped his head (and shovel) into EDM out of nowhere, is already being booked at the next 2 Rare Festivals, already has a huge following from some of the biggest names in EDM… and WTF… dropped a collab with Carnage that might be one of the biggest songs of the year?? Who is this freakin’ guy?

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We Are Neon Shadows: The History, The Stories, The Interviews.

There is a group that exists on the internet, a group that has transcended social media and become something bigger, a group that is now collectively as much of an influencer in Texas as any one person. That group is called, “We Are Neon Shadows” I’m writing this article today, not as the owner of TRILLVO and not as someone throwing shows or any of that; I’m writing this article today as a raver. I’m writing this article today as a music lover, as someone who is grateful, as a friend and as someone who was transformed as a person not long before discovering this group. 

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The Top Producers to Watch Out For in 2018

We can’t guarantee you that we picked up absolutely every artist that deserves to be on here, we can’t promise that we’ve heard of every artist making a splash in the world, but we definitely tried.

We tried our best to keep the list primarily up and coming artists with a few exceptions that are right at, or on the line, of being too successful for the list. We wish all of you well in 2018 & hope you’re too successful to make the list next year.

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Top 5 Electronic Music, Kendrick Lamar – Humble Remixes

2017 has been blessed with some amazing music from so many talented artists. Kendrick Lamar happens to be one of them. More so, he also happens to have released the one song every artist (both major & underground) have been remixing the most: HUMBLE. With so many “Humble” Remixes, we decided to give you our picks for which remixes won our hearts. So sit down, be humble, and brace yourself for these dope remixes.

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Rezz announces Mass Manipulation Comic Book & We are SO HYPED!

With the help of illustrator and animator Luis Colindres, rising dance music superstar REZZ has brought her extraterrestrial ‘Mass Manipulation’ album to life in the form of a 60-page comic book. The comic book is available for pre-order now, and is accompanied with the release of an animated music video for ‘Premonition,’ giving viewers a sneak peek of the comic book storyline.

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Harvey vs. Houston: Houston Hits Back

On August 25th at approximately 10 P.M. Friday night, Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Rockport, Texas as a category 4 hurricane. From there, it began what would very well be a 5-day catastrophic event of ruthless wind, torrential rain, and flooding. With little time for residents of Southeast Texas to evacuate, the most anyone could do was stock up on supplies, and prepare for what truly was the worst storm the Texas coast has ever endured.

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