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Banvox – Take No Defeat [Album Review]

BANVOX. Remember that name because overseas this Japanese artist is making waves! Sadly, his music hasn’t been carried over here to the states as much just yet, but with a few EPs and now two albums currently under his belt, Banvox is surely going to start blowing up within the next few years if he… Continue reading Banvox – Take No Defeat [Album Review]

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Lit Lords – Crash N Burn (Remixes) [Review]

2 Months ago, The Lit Lords dropped a massive EP on us via Harsh Records in the form of Hard City. If you’re a fan of hard music and haven’t heard this EP, I strongly suggest you change that. One of the standout tracks on this EP is “Crash and Burn”, a track that submerges… Continue reading Lit Lords – Crash N Burn (Remixes) [Review]

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Sam Gellaitry stuns with Escapism III

Sam Gellaitry does things with music most producers can only dream of doing. He paints a world in front of the listener with beautiful landscapes and memory evoking waves of emotion thrown in to every single second. It’s nothing short of art and everyone owes themselves the pleasure of listening to this outstanding 5 track… Continue reading Sam Gellaitry stuns with Escapism III

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Carnage & G-EAZY – Step Brothers EP [ review ]

I have been following DJ CARNAGE since I got into EDM.  Following him on all his social media accounts from Instagram to Snapchat, the relationship between Papi Gordo and G-EAZY is pure and genuine.  There has always been hints that Carnage and G were working on something big between each whether it be an EP… Continue reading Carnage & G-EAZY – Step Brothers EP [ review ]

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Soulection – Promise Once More [Review]

Soulection is a musical collective and label founded out of Los Angeles in 2011. They provide a platform for dozens of rising Internet artists to extend their reach into the worldwide phenomenon that is music culture. Soulection consists of DJ’s, producers, and rappers such as Sango, Mr. Carmack, Goldlink, Esta, and many others that have gained… Continue reading Soulection – Promise Once More [Review]

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Anjunabeats Vol. 13 Album Review

For years Above & Beyond and Anjunadeep as a whole have given us great albums; compilation albums consisting of talent from the likes of Soundprank, Ilan Bluestone, Oliver Smith, and more are what truly bring out the art and creativity the likes of which this label conveys so beautifully. The thirteenth entry in this compilation series… Continue reading Anjunabeats Vol. 13 Album Review

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Skin Companion Part II – Flume (Review)

Written By Bella Hall Harley Edward Streten, “Flume” is an Australian DJ and a soul speaking genius when it comes to music. Flume has blessed us with a part two of “Skin Companion Part One” that he released in 2016. Unlike that EP, these four songs show a deeper side of Flume. The music that Harley… Continue reading Skin Companion Part II – Flume (Review)

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Herobust is starting 2017 with some FLAMES! “VERTEBREAKER”, his second EP, is sure to do just what the name suggests, break some necks. The six song EP has everything from head banging to trap-arming. He’s ready to bust 2017 and take over the game. Hayden “Herobust” Kramer, starting 2017 strong after a very exciting 2016, his ‘I’m Aloud… Continue reading VERTEBREAKER EP REVIEW

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UZ – Magellan (The Remixes) EP Review

If you’re not aware by now, one of the originators of the genre we’ve all fondly come to know as trap, UZ (pronounced ew-zee, like the gun – you should know this though), has formed his own label known as Quality Goods Records. I adore UZ! Everything about this producer showcases the characteristics I love… Continue reading UZ – Magellan (The Remixes) EP Review