VOVIII gives us a SPOOKY experience on Friday “The 13th” EP

On Friday, October the 13th they present to us VOVIII’s “The 13th” EP. Pop your headphones in and get ready for some scary vibes. “The 13th” implements a plethora of scary movie tropes indicated by the track names: Slenderman, White Walkers, and Pennywise.

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Robokid & phem take you on a journey with “Judge Me/ I Miss U” release

Robokid and phem have released a collaboration; one-two punch that is an emotional roller-coaster.  Released on Moving Castle, “Judge Me” and “I Miss U,” just their names alone have already set the tone of how two-sided these tracks are to each other.  Having diverse sounding tracks allowed both Robokid and phem to show their craftsmanship…

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