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Troy Sivan – Fools (Yetep Remix) [Review]

Never heard of Yetep? It’s time to give him a listen. Close your eyes while listening to his songs and it takes you into this peaceful world; making you forget everything else that is happening around you. Combined with Troy Sivan’s vocals and Yetep’s chill vibe, this remix is perfect for any summer night. He… Continue reading Troy Sivan – Fools (Yetep Remix) [Review]

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Middlelands – A New Age of Festivals

By Mitch Tilley and Ali Haseeb As you pull into the Texas Renaissance Festival grounds, you immediately realize you are about to enter a completely different realm unlike anything you’ve ever seen. In its inaugural year, Middlelands was hosted by the legendary Texas Renaissance Festival Grounds in Todd Mission Texas. It was the perfect venue… Continue reading Middlelands – A New Age of Festivals

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Lit Lords – Crash N Burn (Remixes) [Review]

2 Months ago, The Lit Lords dropped a massive EP on us via Harsh Records in the form of Hard City. If you’re a fan of hard music and haven’t heard this EP, I strongly suggest you change that. One of the standout tracks on this EP is “Crash and Burn”, a track that submerges… Continue reading Lit Lords – Crash N Burn (Remixes) [Review]

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Fade – (Break X Madkosmos)

                        Here comes a mind-expanding track from Break & Madkosmos for the late night drives and smoke sessions. Atmospheric with brooding vocals throughout the track, you can’t help but get lost in thought and emotion. The repeating bass wubs are so powerful yet elegant in the way they drive… Continue reading Fade – (Break X Madkosmos)