Are you guys ready for Wynwood Fear Factory?!

Abandon RC Cola Plant covers more than 140,000 feet! A perfect size for all the haunted houses, scare zones, live art installments, go-go dancers in some of the scariest special affects makeup, and my absolute favorite; food trucks! There is even private VIP areas, giving you the best view of the stages. With headliners like Porter Robinson, Dj Snake, Wiz Khalifa and Steve Angello; it’s sure to be an unforgettable weekend.Get your tickets here!

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A Rave In The Life

As many of you may know, and for those who don’t, October is TRILLVO’s Women’s Month!  Even though women should be celebrated every day for  being a huge inspiration, making history, and kicking ass; we especially dedicated this month to them!  With that being said it is my honor to introduce Julie Witherspoon, more commonly…

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Interview with WHIPPED CREAM | TRILLVO Women’s Month

Caroline has also been a voice for women in the industry, educating the masses on the struggles only those with an “inny”, if you catch my drift, can relate to. Caroline’s fierce attitude and no nonsense agenda has garnished her an audience of edm enthusiasts that hang on her every move. Caroline has inspired, not only me and the women of TRILLVO, but countless others to be yourself and fuck what anybody thinks; don’t see gender but instead make powerful music that surpasses discrimination.
Well WHIPPED CREAM… we are ALL listening…

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