Local Lowdown (ATX Edition)- GIZMØ

If you are unfamiliar with this months Local Lowdown artist GIZMO, now would be the time to familiarize yourself with the man of the hour.

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The WhiteNoiize Collective + Trillvo presents: Noiize from the Boiiz Producer Bundle Contest

Written by: Cris Rodriguez Are you a music producer looking for an incredible opportunity to showcase your talent? We’re proud to announce The WhiteNoiize Collective+Trillvo: Noiize from the Boiiz Producer Bundle Contest aimed to showcase upcoming artists!  You can now download our Noiize From The Boiiz Producer Bundle FOR FREE! Including presets, samples and more…

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We Are Neon Shadows: The History, The Stories, The Interviews.

There is a group that exists on the internet, a group that has transcended social media and become something bigger, a group that is now collectively as much of an influencer in Texas as any one person. That group is called, “We Are Neon Shadows” I’m writing this article today, not as the owner of TRILLVO and not as someone throwing shows or any of that; I’m writing this article today as a raver. I’m writing this article today as a music lover, as someone who is grateful, as a friend and as someone who was transformed as a person not long before discovering this group. 

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