Ponzoo Talks Latest Tracks, Women in Music, and More In Latest Exclusive Interview

First we had a guest mix with him, then we had an exclusive track release, and now we at Trillvo have the honor of releasing this exclusive interview with Ponzoo. Making waves as a producer in pop, hip hop, electronic music it was an honor getting a chance to talk to him. Check out what he had to say below.

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Rare Orlando: The Good, The Bad & The Rain. [A Review]

The Rare Orlando 2017 lineup was one of my favorite curated lineups I have ever seen. Almost everyone on the lineup, I would consider some of my favorite musical artists. With only minimal improvements to the festival needed, Carnage and his team knocked another Rare out of the park with flying colors. Homerun performances from artists like Skellism, Travis Scott and Lil Pump will remain some of my favorite memories for the rest of my life.

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