The Top Producers to Watch Out For in 2018

We can’t guarantee you that we picked up absolutely every artist that deserves to be on here, we can’t promise that we’ve heard of every artist making a splash in the world, but we definitely tried.

We tried our best to keep the list primarily up and coming artists with a few exceptions that are right at, or on the line, of being too successful for the list. We wish all of you well in 2018 & hope you’re too successful to make the list next year.

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TRILLVO Women’s Month | DJ Risik

Born and raised in Rochester, NY, and classically trained from the age of 10, Risik burst onto the scene in 2012, with an unprecedented energy and an unrivaled upbeat stage presence that quickly captured the attention of Rochester’s electronic music underground. While her heart belongs to house, she has proven time and time again that there are no limits to her style. Whether it’s her classic electro-house sound, a chilled out future bass vibe, or a full on front-rail assault of neck-breaking bangers, Risik injects her own undeniable style of cutting loose and having fun into any genre.

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Who is Mixtress BB | Woman Strong DJ Profile

“There is strength in numbers and now that more of the ladies are getting involved, the inclusion has definitely increased. Women are pushing to be accepted as equals in both society and the industry. With more time and effort we’ll get to where we should be for people to notice that we are not, a “small” presence anymore. This Women Strong event is a major step in that direction.” – Mixtess BB

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TRILLVO Women’s Month | Corynne Burrows

When i first started my Journey in the music industry, I would always see this blonde haired bad ass powering through backstage areas or dominating stage areas.. she just seems to have everything in control and almost commanded attention, she seemed so confident and I had no idea who she was but the more I saw her in different cities the more I knew i wanted to find out. After asking some close friends in music and finding out more about her… I found out she was indeed, a badass!

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Interview with WHIPPED CREAM | TRILLVO Women’s Month

Caroline has also been a voice for women in the industry, educating the masses on the struggles only those with an “inny”, if you catch my drift, can relate to. Caroline’s fierce attitude and no nonsense agenda has garnished her an audience of edm enthusiasts that hang on her every move. Caroline has inspired, not only me and the women of TRILLVO, but countless others to be yourself and fuck what anybody thinks; don’t see gender but instead make powerful music that surpasses discrimination.
Well WHIPPED CREAM… we are ALL listening…

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