YOOKiE and Hekler release Ear-Splitting Collab “Wraith”

Reminiscent of the feeling of playing Slender Man the build crescendos with the “don’t look behind you” possessed voice as the drop makes you invoke a fight or flight response.

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Dancefestopia: A scenic, bass-filled escape from the ordinary. [Review]

We had a great weekend at Dancefestopia and despite the struggle with weather we thought the festival was executed incredibly well and seemed to basically run itself with on point staff and a very well kept venue. The campgrounds were vibey and unique while the main hidden paths and places to explore made it a fun adventure where you could easily gets lost in your own experience no matter what your liking might be.

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Rise Of The Octopeel! Who Will Save Us All?

Whats up Banana Bunch gang!  Our favorite banana eating, poo-flinging, monkey producer from Boulder, CO released his debut album Rise of the Octopeel on September 10th.  Bringing new sounds, wubs, and artists collaborations including Jansten, Boogie T, Mista Movie, Chaz Bowles, Yasee, and Jooby Truth. This new album from Dirt Monkey is absolutely everything you would expect for your bass…

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