Ganja White Night Strike Again With New Album “The Origins”

Ganja White Night have the uncanny ability to surprise us every time they release something new. “The Origins,” their newest album, exceeds our expectations. The 12 track album is full of twists, turns and a whole lot of wubs. Listen to it here and let us know what you think!

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Interview with WHIPPED CREAM | TRILLVO Women’s Month

Caroline has also been a voice for women in the industry, educating the masses on the struggles only those with an “inny”, if you catch my drift, can relate to. Caroline’s fierce attitude and no nonsense agenda has garnished her an audience of edm enthusiasts that hang on her every move. Caroline has inspired, not only me and the women of TRILLVO, but countless others to be yourself and fuck what anybody thinks; don’t see gender but instead make powerful music that surpasses discrimination.
Well WHIPPED CREAM… we are ALL listening…

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Sun City Music Festival, 2 nights of music and dancing. [Review]

SCMF was a very well put together festival with amazing vibes. The Disco Donnie team did a great job mapping out the layout, picking the artists to adorn the lineup and organizing everything in between. Little touches made it stand out in our memory, attention to detail really showed the attendees that DDP cared. Join us on our journey in the desert by clicking here!

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